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Tuesday’s Lineup

7:35amCT – Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

Mitt Romney is in town Tuesday for a Fort Worth appearance, and  joining us to discuss the Romney candidacy — as well as to give us an update from the US Senate — is Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

8:06am – Candidate for US Senate Ted Cruz

Following Senator Hutchison’s appearance will be the man who seeks to replace her, former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz. He has earned himself a runoff with Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst and joins us to discuss his plan for a July 31 victory.

9:35am – Tom Giovanetti, President of the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI)

An old friend of the show and an expert on matters of public policy large and small, Tom Giovanetti joins us to discuss an upcoming event with one of the most important conservatives that you don’t know … but you should.

Click HERE for information on Thursday’s IPI event with FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell.

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Day 1: A Look Back

Mark,. Lisa, Ethan, Day One, 660 AM The Answer


A few minutes after I had spoken the final words of my first show on 660 AM The Answer, Lisa and Ethan popped in to see my new workplace and meet some of my new associates.  I can’t describe the satisfaction seeing my wife and son meet these wonderful new people who now occupy my professional life.  As I emerged from the studio to retrieve them from the parking lot, the sales staff had gathered to offer some much-appreciated good  wishes.   It simply could not have been a nicer gesture.

To the show itself: I scarcely remember it.  It was surreal.  As 7 a.m. approached, something tightened a grip on me.  It wasn’t nervousness; I’ve done this for 30 years.   But this was the first time in more than half that time that I had walked into an unfamiliar studio tasked with making all the buttons work and all the elements fit.  I know how to do talk shows as an art form, but the procedural matters can eat you alive if you have to think every second about what the next item is on a new clock, or which button is the intercom or which lines on the phone actually go on the air.

Throw in our wish to accommodate a bevy of guests, and the first show was a white-knuckle ride through segments that flew by with my rapt attention to each but little ability to ponder the exercise as a whole.  When it was all done, I wondered if it had all gone well or if it was just an adrenaline-laden ADD mess.  Assured that it had been at least passable, I now direct my attention to show #2 and all to follow.  Thanks for a very special day.  I hope to return many more to you as we continue.




As we press forward, here’s the team.  Promotions Director Julianna Hagar, another rescue from the jaws of Cumulus;  Technical Wizard Shane Bell, Producer Susan Cloud and News Anchor Gordon Griffin.


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Documenting Day One

Quick video from before today’s show began:

… and a few images that captured the spirit of the morning:

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Just having a few friends over …

It is tempting on Day One to contact as many of our friends in public life as we can, and wedge them all into that first show.  But we actually have some time here,  so as we renew our radio relationship with listeners, it also means welcoming back people we have respected and admired for years.  Some will be on day two, some day three, some the middle of next week.  But since there is no small attention being paid to Show #1, here are the conversations Producer Susan has secured for all of us to enjoy together:

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I’m ready. Are you ready?

Well, this is refreshing.

I’ve been writing blog pieces ever since I was, shall we say, interrupted down the dial on march 31. But starting today, I am pleased to once again post things on a page that is actually attached to a radio station.

On the occasion of my first show on 660 AM The Answer, it occurs to me that there are two kinds of people reading this: those who have been familiar with me for a long time, and those who have not.

To those who have waited for this, all I can say is thank you. I did a little waiting myself, and I did not know exactly where the road would lead. But as it became clear that it led into the studios of this station and the Salem Radio Network, the blessing became apparent immediately, in the form of the people I have met and the approach they want to take to my show and the entire station.

The network shows– Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Dennis Miller– are among the best in America. If my arrival is the cause for you to discover them, then I am already happy and you will be, too.

And then there is my longtime friend Jon-David Wells, whose “Wells Report” has become a fixture for everyone’s drive home. JD and I will be all over each other’s programs, making sure you know what the longest-serving local issues shows in the market are up to.

Check back here often for blog posts, pictures, show notes and whatever else we think you would like. Producer Susan Cloud will dutifully add things that arise on the show so you will always be able to find things we discover together.

Speaking of discovering things, I can’t describe my enthusiasm for the task we are undertaking and the relationship we now get to resume.

I will always be grateful to Salem and to the station that has now become 660 AM The Answer, for providing a special place for us to watch history unfold before our eyes, and talk about it in the process.

I’m ready. Are you ready?

The Mark Davis Show
AM 660 The Answer
KSKY Dallas-Ft Worth
7-10 am CT
Salem Communications

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