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Mark’s Latest Video Blog – Why the Polls Are Wrong

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Dr. Tony Evans – How Should Christians Vote?

UPDATE: Did you miss this segment? Click HERE for the podcast!


Dr. Tony Evans is one of the country’s most respected leaders in evangelical circles. As a pastor, teacher, author and speaker, he serves the body of Christ through his unique ability to communicate complex theological truths through simple, yet profound, illustrations. Dr. Evans was the first African-American to graduate with a doctoral degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. He holds the rare honor of serving as chaplain for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks over the last three decades, the longest standing NBA chaplaincy on record, and is also the former chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys.

In his new book “How Should Christians Vote?” Dr. Evans goes back to the basics and teaches on how God established government as a divine institution whose tasks include promoting the well-being of those within its realm and protection from evil.

Learn more and get your copy of the book at

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Bishop E.W. Jackson Message to Black Christians

This is the sound of clarity:

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A Chat with Governor Perry


Governor Perry is meeting with lawmakers in Fort Worth today to discuss Truth in Budgeting, part one of the Texas Budget Compact.

“Truth in Budgeting” effectively means hitting the reset button on our budgeting process and putting an end to budgetary tricks and maneuvers that produce nothing but short-term solutions and long-term confusion.

Learn more HERE.

Governor Rick Perry

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Ann Coulter – Mugged

UPDATE: Did you miss this segment? PODCAST HERE!


In her new book Mugged, Ann Coulter fearlessly explains her opinion that the real his­tory of race relations in this country, including how white liberals twist that history to spring the guilty, accuse the innocent, and engender racial hatreds, all in order to win politically.

She joins us at 9:05amCT to discuss!

Get your copy of Mugged HERE.

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Tuesday’s Guest Lineup

8:05amCT – Bud Kennedy

Star Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy attended the Springtown ISD school board meeting last night at which administrators examined (and amended) the district’s current spanking policy. He joins us this morning to discuss.

Why is this news? Related story HERE.

9:05amCT – Bill Kristol

Editor of the Weekly Standard and Fox News Contributor Bill Kristol has had some rather controversial things to say lately, and he joins us this morning to discuss.

Read his latest HERE.

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Mark’s Latest Video Blog: When does CNN deserve support?

… when they are right:

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No, I Can’t

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Monday show preview: Romney’s woes, the Ambassador’s journal, Sessions in studio

WE HAVE TO FIGURE THIS OUT:  Is the Romney campaign in the disarray some say it is?  I can see liberals hyping the awkwardness of the “47 percent” tape, but the conservative conniption fit is completely out of school.  Matronly maven Peggy Noonan says she has received thanks from Republicans who thought Romney needed a kick in the shins.  Maybe he does, but not in public and  not from people who supposedly support him.  I will never suggest Republicans should sugar-coat genuine disasters on the campaign trail– I watched people try in the Todd Akin debacle in Missouri and it wasn’t pretty–  but this tape in no way rises to the level of some crisis that outweighs Romney’s stature as the man who can bring this disastrous presidency to an end.  We’ll examine where things stand with just over six weeks to go.


CNN DID THE RIGHT THING.  How often will you hear me say that?  The answer is: when it’s true, and it surely is in the emotional aftermath of the divulgence of a journal from our fallen ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens.  A document that proves the Obama administration was feeding us bad information following his death is an item the public must know about.  I’m sorry, but that means more than getting it to his family first, and it surely means more than handing it over to the Hillary Clinton State Department,  which cannot be trusted to bring truth when the President is so devoted to concealing it.  We’ll see what you think about an ethics dilemma drenched in emotion and controversy.


KEEPING THE HOUSE REPUBLICAN– hopefully to be joined by a Republican Senate and a Republican president.  That’s the job of Texas Congressman Pete Sessions, who joins us for an in-studio sit-down at 9 am where we’ll examine all kinds of issues, from taxes to foreign policy.  I’ll check with Pete about some rising stars like Mia Love of Utah, and ask about their chances of winning.


PLUS:  The Cowboys win ugly, and anything from your weekend that seems talk show-worthy.

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Time for Ron Paul Fans to Support the Constitution

UPDATE: Did you catch this segment? Listen to the podcast HERE.



Writer of Amazon ebook “I Am a Liberal”, contributor, ex-comic, Army vet, & the only conservative civil trial lawyer in LA Kurt Schlichter joins us this morning to discuss his most recent Breitbart column:

Time for Ron Paul Fans to Support the Constitution

Also, check out his new book HERE.

Kurt Schlichter

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