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Electoral College … In a Tie?


What happens if this election ends in an Electoral College tie?  Tara Ross, an Electoral College expert, and author of Enlightened Democracy: The Case for the Electoral College, join us this morning to discuss just what would happen in such a case … among other possible Election Day scenarios.

Visit her website HERE.

Tara Ross

Jonah Goldberg


There’s no better way to start the show than with the great Jonah Goldberg.

Read his latest HERE.

Call of the Day

When a caller suggested that our station should include “left-wing programming” … well, Mark went on an epic rant that just needed to be shared.


Hurricane Sandy and the Election

As heard on today’s show, here’s the story from Slate that explores whether Hurricane Sandy could delay the election.


Congressman Joe Barton – In Studio


Joining us in-studio this morning to discuss the upcoming election, as well as a variety of Congressional matters is the Congressman from the 6th District of Texas Joe Barton.

Visit Congressman Barton’s website HERE.

Joe Barton

An Uncomfortable Truth – Mark’s Latest Video Blog

Mark’s thoughts on rape, Republicans, abortion … and the politics of it all:

Mormonism 101

Click HERE for the podcast if you missed this special segment!


As we prepare to elect our first Mormon US President, many people — Protestants in particular — have  questions pertaining to the faith. Joining us to discuss is Gordon Wright, an official North Texas spokesperson for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.