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Friday’s Guest Lineup

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Producer Susan Cloud here filling in one more day for Mark Davis. I hope you’ll all join me this morning in welcoming the following guests:


As the fiscal cliff draws all the more near — and as a resolution appears more and more unlikely — we welcome Dr. Merrill “Buddy” Matthews, resident scholar at the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) and weekly contributer to on the show to discuss.

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Jonah Goldberg, editor-at-large of National Review Online joins us to discuss a variety of issues, from the liberal infatuation with the race card, to fiscal cliff negotiations, as well as what to expect in 2013.

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Is there a better way to wrap up the week — and the year — than by discussing food? Fort Worth Star Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy pops in the studio to share his thoughts on the best new dining spots in DFW, as well as what’s coming in 2013.

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Thursday’s Guest Lineup

UPDATE: Catch the podcasts of our segments with this morning’s guests:

Lee Habeeb — Click HERE.

“Gay Patriot” Bruce Carroll — Click HERE.

Adrian Murray — Click HERE.


This is Producer Susan Cloud here this week to fill in for the vacationing Mark Davis. On today’s show we’ll be digging into some social issues as we examine whether the GOP’s approach to both abortion and same-sex marriage is working.


We welcome Lee Habeeb, VP of content for the Salem Radio Network to discuss his recent piece in National Review “Letter to a Christian Nation.” Lee is a former atheist who converted to Christianity just five years ago, and he joins us to offer his perspective on ways Christian conservatives can better-address the issues of same-sex marriage and abortion.

Read “Letter to a Christian Nation” here.


If you’re active in the social media world or the blogosphere, you’re likely aware of “Gay PatroitBruce Carroll. Bruce is a leading conservative voice in the gay community — yes, they exist — and he joins us to discuss the topic of same-sex marriage.

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After amazing gains in 2010, but some disappointing setbacks in 2012, what role will the Tea Party continue to play in conservative politics? From the recent presidential election to some heated fights at the state and local level, conservative activist, business owner, author, and former President of Fort Worth 912 Adrian Murray joins us to share his perspective.

We’ll also chat with Adrian about the upcoming Tarrant County Lincoln Day Dinner with keynote speaker Rick Santorum.

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Christmas In Texas

As heard on this morning’s show, here’s Producer Susan Cloud singing “Christmas In Texas” (written by Susan and her talented daughter Reagan).


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Plan B Fails … What’s Next?

House Speaker John Boehner failed to find support for fiscal “Plan B” last night … so where do we go from here? We welcome two members of Congress this morning to discuss.

8:35amCT – Congressman Dr. Michael Burgess
9:05amCT – Congressman Joe Barton

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The Beginning of the End of the Gay Marriage Debate?

In an unprecedented move, the Supreme Court has agreed to review two gay marriage cases. Joining us to discuss the specifics of each case — as well as the potential outcomes and implications — is Ilya Shapiro, senior fellow in constitutional studies at the Cato Institute and editor-in-chief of the Cato Supreme Court Review.


Ilya Shapiro, Cato Institute

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A Visit With Bill Kristol

Joining us Wednesday at 7:35amCT to discuss the ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations — as well as to do some year-end wrap-up chat — is one of our favorite voices from the world of conservative punditry, the great Bill Kristol.

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A Place to Start

On the list of solutions to reduce future carnage from young people: Rediscover the resilience of a bygone era.

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Texas, Our Texas: Last In the Nation in Mental Health Funding

UPDATE: Did you miss this segment? Catch the podcast HERE.


Here’s a staggering statistic: when it comes to mental health funding, Texas ranks dead last in the country — with the Dallas area ranking at the bottom of the state.

Why is this? What are the implications? And how is it being addressed?

Matt Roberts, President of Mental Health America of Greater Dallas joins us this morning to discuss. His organization strives to assist the community by improving mental health through advocacy and education, and it assists over 180,000 North Texans each year.

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Buckling under the pressures of Newtown


Tough times make for tough challenges.  Standing up for difficult truths is hard when the world seems tilted the other way.

So I suppose I am not so deeply surprised to hear surrender from  some intermittent conservatives when they say the Connecticut school shooting has them “rethinking” their thoughts on stricter gun control.

Joe Scarborough used his MSNBC perch to reveal how the tragedy has opened his eyes sufficiently to surrender the focus he once had– on liberty and personal responsibility.

He has now been worn down by events, and one guesses, peers, to join the ranks of those who seek the supposed quick fix of merely removing gun ownership options.

There is a reason pro-gun rights guests were hard to find on Sunday talk shows.  It was not media bias denying them the invitation.  Quite the opposite, most of those shows would have loved the chance to browbeat a second amendment supporter as an accomplice to mass murder.

Real conservatives know that the weekend environment would have been predatory, so they took a pass.  I wish they had not.  This is a time for courage and clarity.  God bless Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert, who told a Fox News Sunday audience that his greatest wish would have been for someone at Sandy Hook school to have been armed, to perhaps take out the gunman before he reached the classrooms.

This makes liberal heads spin, as does the discussion of human failing which is the real cause of such tragedies.  You should have seen some of the juvenile attacks leveled at the essay I posted before the Monday morning show, and I mean from people who write for a living!

For the record, I am always open to on-air dialogue with folks in and out of the biz who think I am dead wrong on this or any other issue.

In fact, I will throw a bone to the haters:  I have an easier time understanding their down-the-line revulsion for my focus on rights and responsibilities than the turncoats who lose their proper devotion to liberty when the going gets tough.

If you were bonded to the moral clarity that we do not have a gun problem but instead a people problem, but this changed your mind, your moorings were weak.  You were a pretend conservative, ripe for the plucking by the emotional pull of a tragedy like this and the desire to hang with the popular crowd.

Those children deserve better.  They deserve at least one side devoted to what really robbed them of their brief yet precious lives, and it was not the hardware of guns.

It was the depravity of the soul of Adam Lanza, who, like other recent mass murderers, was a troubled young man left to stew in his own soup of of dysfunction while those nearby did too little.

But fixing that requires some heavy lifting.  Actually putting society and ourselves up to the mirror requires tough admissions and definitive action.

Passing new laws achieves nothing, except the empowerment of gun-bashers seeking further reach into our lives.  I want real people empowered by the epiphany of what it really takes to curb future massacres:  loving outreach.

Other than the faith-based solutions I have already outlined, there are some policies that actually do need scrutiny– the issues involving mental health.

It is no accident that the litany of killers seems culled from the ranks of disturbed, disaffected young men.  If there is anything that has eroded dangerously in recent generations, it is the environment in which our boys are raised.

The relative likelihood of an intact family has been replaced by fatherless homes with no man as a role model for boys to follow.  Childhoods filled with active days of playing ball and riding bikes have been mortgaged for long hours in the dark hunched over screens playing violent video games.

And we wonder why some of our young men are head cases.

This is the world we have made for our boys, crafted from our inability to keep our families together and our unwillingness to give them the positive reinforcement they need to become functional, vital young men.

When we decide to address THAT problem, we will know we have become serious about solutions and not just cheap politics.

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Fiscal Cliff Update with Merrill Matthews

UPDATE: Did you miss this segment? Catch the podcast HERE.


Dr. Merrill Matthews, Resident Scholar at the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) didn’t hold back in his latest Forbes piece. He joins us this morning to discuss.

Boehner To House GOP: Read My Lips — Break Your Campaign Promises

In a remarkable turn-around, House Speaker John Boehner has apparently put tax hikes on the table in his fiscal cliff negotiations with President Obama.  That’s after virtually every House Republican campaigned against raising any tax rate.  Thus House Republicans may find themselves being pushed by their own leadership to follow President George H.W. Bush’s (Bush 41) sorry example—and getting booted out of office because of it.

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Dr. Merrill Matthews

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