Mark’s Link Library

If we’re all going to be tossing websites at each other in this modern life, I might as well offer some that strike me as worthy, for a number of reasons.  I’m guessing you know where to find Fox News or the major political parties, so I’ll supply some places that are not as basic, and some that I’ve just landed on over the years.

POLITICAL THINGS  The still-young granddaddy of political sites, with columns, polls, video– you could spend all day here    Good bipartisan site, mostly Congressional issues   Home of our friends Bill Kristol, Steve Hayes and others  The Institute for Policy Innovation, one of America’s best think tanks, and they’re local  Pajamas Media, edgy conservatives, always fun  Our buddy Erick Erickson, longtime friend of the show  The Wash Post’s Chris Cillizza, always on top of things From the Hoover Institution at Stanford

MEDIA THINGS  Michelle Malkin’s brainchild, great place for video clips  From ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams– clips and comment on politics, entertainment  Brash, conservative and in your face, when you’re in that kind of mood   Inside baseball on the world of radio, TV, music industry

CULTURAL THINGS  Level-headed assessments of movies, books, etc. for kids  My friend Kelly Shackelford, protecting religious liberty  By, about and for folks who like to read and write on religious matters  Jay Sekulow’s American Center for Law and Justice, among my heroes

FUN THINGS  Do NOT go here.  Don’t even think about it.  Unless you have a LOT of free time.  It asks what you care about and does nothing but throw it at you.  Because everyone loves lists.  Reviews of everything by everyone  Dork out with me on space, aviation

LOCAL THINGS  Great stream of consciousness from D Magazine  Great statewide politics and news  Compendium of stories, punditry from all sides, courtesy of my friend Matt Mackowiak

LISA’S FAVORITES:  Stuff I see over her shoulder at home:   An online pinboard, whatever that is.  But it’s loaded with stuff of all types  Self-explanatory.  I have benefited greatly from her devotion to this.  Best overall place for everything local  If he said drink motor oil, America’s women would do it.  And I probably would too, the guy is great.