First up on our Tuesday show: The Trump proposal for a time-out on Muslim immigration


Well, the rodeo is on now.

Midway through Monday afternoon, the Twittersphere blew up with the latest pronouncement from Donald Trump– an idea to ban all Muslim immigration.

I could hear two things happening at once: his fan base surging with enthusiasm at an idea that sounds thoroughly worthy to them, and a simultaneous convulsion from opponents sent into a fainting spell that we would ever do such a thing.

So is it a horrible idea, an overdue idea, or something in between?  I’ll share thoughts and invite yours as we launch into our Tuesday morning show.  Click “Listen Live” at that time and join in.

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A war on two fronts: Jihadists and prayer-shamers

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On our Thursday morning show– San Bernardino shooting reaction

The latest updates, the nature of the coverage, the initial public reactions, and the immediate and shameful moments from the Left featuring instant bowing up against the NRA before any facts are known.  Get ready, here we go again.

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in memory of Fred Thompson – Our Last Visit with Fred on the Show


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Today’s Guests Include:

WASHINGTON - MARCH 31: Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) speaks at a news conference on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the U.S. Capitol on March 31, 2011 in Washington, DC. The news conference introduced legislation that would end federal conservatorship of the government mortgage institutions. (Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)

Congressman Jeb Hensarling (RTX 5th District)

MattLewisHeadshot1Kris Paronto

Matt K. Lewis, Senior Contributor, Daily Caller

Kris “Tanto” Paronto, a United States Veteran and Author of 13 Hours

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The toughest conservative battle on the horizon; Mark’s latest video blog; October 19th, 2015

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Your Guide To Attending the Dallas Trump Rally



Well, gang, here it is.  The bigger-than-life personality of Donald Trump rolls into the outsized vistas of big, blustery Texas.   Two days before the second Republican debate, and not quite a week past the last gaffe to bounce off of him with no effect, the GOP frontrunner barrels into a sold-out American Airlines Center as the guest of our own ebullient billionaire, Mark Cuban.  This may seem an odd fit, since Cuban probably agrees with little of Trump’s recent political pronouncements.  But ever the salesman, Cuban is pleased to pack the AAC with a full house just before his Dallas Mavericks hit the building with their 2015-2016 NBA campaign.  And Cuban clearly admires the Trump style of “think it, say it,” and with a private-sector edginess that politicians can only dream of wielding.

So what will the night be like for those of us who hit Ticketmaster and got the free admissions, max 2 per customer? (Which we can now apparently scalp as that market opened up when it sold out a few days ago.)

First, it is general admission, which means arriving anywhere near the 6 pm start time will put you in the rafters.  Doors will open at 4, but the line to be first through those doors will started forming in the AT&T plaza at– get this– 8 am.

There has been some confusion because the Ticketmaster printouts have a section, row and seat number.  They are just code numbers to identify each general admission ticket.  The sections all start with “GA,” which means general admission.  The “row number” on mine is 251.  The AAC is big, but it ain’t got 251 rows in a section.  So to be clear:  There are no assigned seats.  Get there as early as you can.

If you envisioned crafting some huge sign showing love for Donald, disdain for Jeb or a smiling Carly Florina, forget it.  No signs allowed of any kind.  And no cameras bigger than the simple point-and-shoots.  No detachable lenses.  And no audio recording devices, which is a weird rule since every smartphone can get an app that turns it into a tape recorder.  Good luck enforcing that.

So with crowds pouring into the building at 4, an interesting question arises– when will the protesters arrive?  A coalition of mostly Hispanic Democrats will march toward the AAC from Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church on Ross Avenue.  That’s about a 25-minute walk, and they are gathering at 5.  I’d like to think nothing untoward would arise from the mingling of Trump fans and Trump-bashers, but the protesters will be carrying a provocative (and false) narrative that the Trump phenomenon is based on hate.  Not the way to engage civilly.  I would hope the attendees would give the protesters (who say their numbers will exceed 1,500) just what they deserve, by ignoring them.

We won’t be in there a long time, which is good, because Ethan has homework.  You bet we’re bringing him.  We don’t bludgeon the kids with our politics, but they know what we believe and why.  And he knows Mom and Dad are intrigued by Mr. Trump, energized when he connects on valuable themes with clarity, and deflated when he pops off like a mouthy adolescent.  But in any event, nothing like this candidacy has ever happened, and that means nothing like this event has ever happened here.  So we’re in for the history alone, and we’ll see what Mr. Trump offers from the stage.

I’m going to guess there will be some appreciation for Texas values, and maybe even a nod of appreciation for his rival, our junior Senator.  Borders and trade will be big themes, and at some point he will say we are currently led by stupid people.

There will be no unforced error, no gaffe, nothing that would be an embarrassing moment if he ever felt embarrassment. Those tend to happen in off-the-cuff moments rather than prepared remarks.  And they will be prepared, as this amazing Rolling Stone story revealed.

It is amazing because the writer, who works for a publication that despises every these Trump has been striking lately, cannot help but confess a certain appreciation, if not admiration.  Read it and then hop in the car– early– and get on down there.  Tomorrow, we can share stories on the show.

I’ll do some Periscope broadcasting from the AAC as showtime draws near, so make sure we are hooked up via Twitter @markdavis.

Quite the week shaping up.  GOP Debate Wednesday night (with attendant watch party, also a sellout, but I’ll ‘scope from that as well), and oh, by the way, the Astros are in town for a 4-game set with the Rangers that may help settle the AL West.  Hopefully, Houston will shuck off the ridiculous luck that helped them Sunday.

Good times all around.  Looking forward to our time together this week.










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