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Monday – 8.25.14 – 8 am Hour


 Governor Rick Perry

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Here Comes Lone Star America!


If you were listening at 8:05 Monday morning, you heard the Big Reveal of the adventure we are about to share.  On July 21, Regnery Publishing releases “Lone Star America,” my labor of love for my state and the country I want to see survive and thrive.  As the release date draws near, I will be pulling back many curtains as I learn the inner workings of an industry I knew very little about, at least from the author end.

I’ve received books in the mail for the talk shows I have hosted for 32 years.  I have unwrapped thousands of books, read thousands of pitches and rejected most.  The authors I have welcomed have been on the rare occasions of a well-written book on a subject that actually intrigues me.  Now the tables are turned– it’s my job to be that valuable to as many shows as possible.  The process of writing this thing, working through the editing process and huddling over matters of marketing has been a wild eye-opener.

Do you know how many books come out? I mean, all the time?  My own publisher, the good people of Regnery, crank out dozens of books a year, every one the product of writing, editing, re-editing, packaging, cover design, marketing strategies– it’s crazy.  And many publishing houses are far larger.

So, as with everything else in my life, if I’m learning about it, you’re learning about it.  As the release date draws near, I’ll have all kinds of previews of what’s actually ion the book– bout you can buy it yourself and find that out.  In fact, I highly recommend that.

You can even pre-order it right here.   I’ve heard tales that sometimes the Amazon pre-orders arrive before the actual release date.

In the meantime, I’ll take you on the book tour journey with me, much of which involves very little journeying.  I’ve interviewed tons of authors who have blown through town on a 20-city whirlwind tour elbowing their way into as many shows as possible.  Maybe it’s the collapsing economy or the fact that  God created telephones and satellite-quality broadcast lines, but most of my book touring will be done from my radio studio or my office at home, which suits me fine.

However, Release Week July 21 will contain some nifty developments in terms of where I broadcast from and the shows I will appear on.  Get ready to come along as I spread some Texas love across a country in dire need of a change in direction.  It should be fun.

But most importantly, I offer this with more of the deep gratitude I’ve been expressing a lot lately.  Our 20th anniversary together in D/FW radio, our second anniversary at 660 AM The Answer– these events and more have given me the chance to share something that wraps around me every day– my thanks to you for listening, for reading my Dallas Morning News and town columns, for watching my contributions on WFAA and Fox 4.  This is joined at all times by my thanks to God for bringing us together.

As you might surmise, my book is a multi-layered look at how other states and the nation as a whole could benefit from operating in the manner that Texas does.  I offer some history, some economics, some cultural observations– but it was my goal to write a book that no one else could write, filled with things seen through my eyes, including many of the things we’ve shared together on the show– spreading Texas flags through Jerusalem, bonding with the Army National Guard troops as they deployed to the Middle East– and as they lost seven men in a helicopter crash, covering the Rick Perry presidential campaign and wondering if we will see another one, getting to know Ted Cruz, and the thrill ride of a friendship with Ted Nugent.

It’s all in there.  So if you are so inclined, click above and do that pre-order thing– or hang loose for some actual book signings, which I’ll have details on in a couple of weeks.

This is crazy.  There’s a book with my name on it.  How did that happen?  It all seems surreal to me– especially opening the box they sent me with a few to hand out to family and friends.  (They’re gone.  Don’t ask.  This is a business.  :)  Touching, opening, smelling it  (there is a new book smell, and it is a wonderful thing) — is dreamlike.

People have told me to write a book for a long time.  Many talk show hosts have, and most of them are quite good– but I wanted to go beyond the usual template of conservatism good, liberalism bad.  This vehicle of singing the praises of Texas as an example for other states and America as a whole– it turns what might have been a really good 50,000-word term paper into something I am deeply, personally proud of.

I hope you enjoy it.  if you do or if you don’t, I figure I’ll hear about it. I would expect nothing less, and I look forward to the adventure.






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Pictures from the North Texas Premiere of America: Imagine the World Without Her.

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

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