About those hot, fresh poll numbers — Mark’s latest video blog; May 28th, 2015

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After The War, from the Vietnam Wall, 1993


Mark Davis Show Memorial Day Weekend Tradition – we wouldn’t let you down

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A Good Old Fashioned Newspaper Clipping


 An article worth clipping and pinning to the refrigerator

Dear Officer:

You surely must feel the appreciation of the community around you, but we want to put it to words that you may keep as a token of our indebtedness.

We are so relieved that no innocent lives were lost. We are so proud that your training enabled you to bring this act of terror to a close. And we are so very grateful for your skill and your commitment to duty.

Those of us who wish to shake your hand would form a line from Garland to Greenville. We know why we cannot look you in the face, write thank-you notes and bake pies. Your safety is a prime concern. After all, you surely did your part to protect ours.

You should know how many families are thanking God that these last few days have not been filled with funerals. You surely know how close we came to being another type of headline, the kind we are sick of reading, the kind that contains yet another high death toll at the hands of jihadis.

But not that night. Not in your town. Not in Garland, Texas, where when terrorists attack, we shoot back. You and your colleagues, through this magnificent response, might well have caused some second thoughts among the next wave of twisted souls thinking of signing up with the Islamic State. If so, you might have saved more lives than the total attendance at the event that night.

It is of particular value that your deeds offer a refocus in a season of great hostility toward police. While the mania of cop-hatred spreads on the tongues of opportunists, this event reminds us of what the vast majority of police officers are made of. We hope everyone is noticing what a traffic officer working off-duty security can do.

You took down two men with assault rifles who were wearing body armor! And did it with a department-issue Glock pistol. You made yourself available to work at an event that carried some risk, but no one knew just how much until the two would-be killers exited their vehicle, looking to spill as much innocent blood as they could get away with.

Thanks to you, the only lives lost that day were theirs. One slow reflex, one missed shot, and one or both of the attackers could have entered the building and exacted their evil toll. As it is, a convention center full of people will spend the rest of their days thanking you. So will a very proud town, a very proud Texas and a very grateful nation.

I would hope there is something our nation can do in return. We should wish for the Islamic State to be pounded so deeply into the sand that your Garland colleagues who are so proud of you can one day share your name with us, along with your SWAT brothers who helped bring this terror attack to an end.

Until then, please accept these simple words, which can never fully describe the gratitude felt by so many, from family to friends to fellow Texans. We might never know your name, but we will never forget what you did that night. From the bottom of our collective hearts, thank you.

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Taya Kyle Remembers Chris, Examines Past and Future


AMERICAN WIFE: A Memoir of Love, War, Faith and Renewal

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