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Lee Habeeb — Click HERE.

“Gay Patriot” Bruce Carroll — Click HERE.

Adrian Murray — Click HERE.


This is Producer Susan Cloud here this week to fill in for the vacationing Mark Davis. On today’s show we’ll be digging into some social issues as we examine whether the GOP’s approach to both abortion and same-sex marriage is working.


We welcome Lee Habeeb, VP of content for the Salem Radio Network to discuss his recent piece in National Review “Letter to a Christian Nation.” Lee is a former atheist who converted to Christianity just five years ago, and he joins us to offer his perspective on ways Christian conservatives can better-address the issues of same-sex marriage and abortion.

Read “Letter to a Christian Nation” here.


If you’re active in the social media world or the blogosphere, you’re likely aware of “Gay PatroitBruce Carroll. Bruce is a leading conservative voice in the gay community — yes, they exist — and he joins us to discuss the topic of same-sex marriage.

Follow the Gay Patroit blog here.


After amazing gains in 2010, but some disappointing setbacks in 2012, what role will the Tea Party continue to play in conservative politics? From the recent presidential election to some heated fights at the state and local level, conservative activist, business owner, author, and former President of Fort Worth 912 Adrian Murray joins us to share his perspective.

We’ll also chat with Adrian about the upcoming Tarrant County Lincoln Day Dinner with keynote speaker Rick Santorum.

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